Toilet Repairs & Replacement

Toilets Should be a One Flush Operation

The toilet, the commode, the throne, the crapper, whatever we call it, we all have one. And, on occasion, we all have problems with our toilet. You may find this hard to believe, but as simple as a toilet seems to be, there is quite a bit of technology in that little porcelain receptacle.  Here are some of the more common problems with the common toilet:

  • Stopped Up/Clogged Toilet. The ever annoying “my toilet won’t flush” problem.
  • The leaking toilet. There are a few places a toilet can leak, from the water connection, at the close coupling between the tank and bowl, from the base and even from a pin hole in the porcelain. It doesn’t really matter where the toilet is leaking, it can still be a disaster in your home and, if unchecked, can cost hundreds of dollars in wasted water.
  • The toilet is constantly running.  This is another fairly common problem but can again cause a high water bill.

Let one of our “Expert Plumbers” identify the cause of your toilet issue and offer you the best solution(s) to repair it.

Get with the Times, Change Out Your Toilet!

We know you love your avacado colored toilet, but it’s probably time to get with the times. Back in the early ’90s the EPA forced manufacturers to drop water consumption in toilets from 3.5 gallons per flush (GPM) to 1.6 GPM. To say that these early water saver toilets were inadequate is an understatement. Most manufacturers slapped on a new tank, or kept the tank and adjusted the amount of water delivered and called it a day. What they found out was that 1.6 GPM did not allow the toilet to flush or clean the bowl properly. Consumers spoke loudly and fixture manufacturers went back the R&D lab and engineered toilets that work pretty darn well with 1.6 GPM. However, the Government is back at it and asking the industry to create even more frugal water closets. The good news is the fixture manufacturers are ahead of the curve and already have 1.3 GPM toilets and dual flush toilets working well enough to make you forget the good ole days of 3.5 GPM. So, if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom or just updating your toilet to a new HET (High Efficiency Toilet), here are some of the options we can provide:

  • Gravity Flush standard height toilet
  • Gravity Flush comfort height/ADA compliant toilet
  • Ultra power flush toilet in standard height
  • Ultra power flush toilet in comfort height/ADA compliant toilet
  • Wall hung and flushometer-type toilets in both standard and ADA compliant heights
  • Ultra Premium toilets, i.e., Kohler “Numi”, Toto “Neorest”, INAX “Satis” & “Regio”
  • All major manufacturers of toilets: Kohler, Gerber, American Standard, Mansfield, Toto to name a few.