Sump Pump

Buy a Sump Pump from Us. We Know What We’re Doing

So, you live in the Chicagoland area and you’re used to snow, sleet and rain. If you’re like one of the millions in the area with a basement, you have intimate knowledge of what a sump is and what it does. It’s when it “doesn’t” that there is a problem. Here is a brief description of what a sump does: a sump pump is used to remove water, typically from the drain tile surrounding your home and under your basement floor.  The water flows into a sump pit and is discharged up through the sump pump through piping. The water flows outside of the home, typically to a ditch, dry well and/or waterway where it is no longer problematic.

Think of Your Home as a Boat

We know it’s a funny comparison but it’s much easier to understand why sump pumps are so important by imagining your house as a boat floating in the ground. When it rains water surrounds your foundation. As the water table rises hydraulic pressure increases. Quite literally, the water is trying to push your boat out of the water. Concrete foundations are pretty heavy so water will find it’s way into the basement through any crack or gap to relieve the pressure. It is not uncommon during very heavy rains to see foundation floors crack under extreme pressure. Sump pumps are crucial to free your home from basement flooding problems.

So What Makes a Great Sump Pump?

If you ask 100 plumbing contractors, you will probably get a variety of answers, but at Expert Plumbing Service, we think it’s the warranty. Not the lifetime warranty you see at some of the home centers. You’ve seen those, right? The one where you buy the pump and put it in yourself or have a handyman install it? If the pump goes out, you have to remove it yourself and take it back to the home center. They will give you a new pump, but you’ll have to wait while your basement continues to flood. Then you have to install it or hire someone to install. We don’t believe in that concept at Expert Plumbing Service. We offer a selection of different sump pumps with warranties from 1 year to 10 years.  Whichever pump you choose with whatever warranty, if the pump fails, you call us and we are there to replace it: no service charge, no labor charge and no hassles. Here are some of the common things to look for when determining the quality of a sump pump:

  • The Switch – Most professional plumbers know that a sump switch fails far sooner than the actual pump. Therefore, the type of switch is important. Is it a diaphram switch, float switch or a new sensor switch with no mechanical parts?
  • Horse Power – This is one sump pump criteria that can be misused. Most individuals think bigger is better, but with sump pumps that is just not the case. In most residential applications, 1/3 hp pumps are the perfect size. It’s when water needs to be pumped higher and longer that pump size plays a crucial role.
  • Sump Pump Material – What’s the sump made of, ABS Plastic, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel or a combination of the aforementioned?
  • Pump Capacity – How many gallons of water per minute or per hour does the pump evacuate? Believe us when we tell you not all pumps pump the same amount of water, even if they have the same horsepower.

Regardless of a sump pump’s switch, horse power, build material or capacity, if the pump fails and the warranty isn’t there you are left with a flooded basement with no one to call. Let us help you solve your basement flooding issues by sizing the correct style sump pump for your needs.

Let us send over one of our “Expert Plumbers” to ensure your sump pump is operating properly.